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Men's Long Cuffed Jogger Yoga Sweat Pant

Long Cuffed Jogger Pants

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We warmly welcome you to our "Long" Mens Cuffed Perfection Yoga Pant - our most exciting product launch of the year - and voted "Favorite Yoga Pant" by Instructors in YOGA JOURNAL magazine! (Spring/2015)

It's FORM & FASHION - you'll transition to errands in style!

Please notice in the pictures, the fabric paneling in the upper leg area that allows for complete expansion of the crotch area in ALL directions. It is simply perfect for Yoga, pilates, lounging, the gym & running errands!

Relaxed elastic waist band with 1/4" drawcord in contrasting White with super light-weight metal tips (they will NOT clang in the dryer).

2x1 rib cuffing at the bottom will keep your pants "in place" for those inversions and hand stands!

DEEP pockets that are sewn on top of the garment so they do not "float." The pockets are 6.5" deep to the side-seam so they can encase your large cell phones!

The rib piping extends uninterrupted from the side of the pant to the back of the rear - providing amazing flexibility & stability for stretching and rigorous activity.

  • Proudly brought to you by 4-rth: over 10 years in business from LA, California. Designed, manufactured & shipped from Los Angeles, CA.
  • Fabric strips in the upper leg allow for complete expansion of the crotch area in ALL directions.
  • Made from our Custom MODAL French-Terry fabric from the sustainable Birch Tree wood.
  • Cuff at the bottom is form-fitting, yet relaxed. IDEAL for all Yoga styles - Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Hot - as well as Pilates, Tennis & Soccer!
  • MODEL: 6'2, 175lbs. Size: M. (See Product Description for specific SIZE guidelines!) Please IGNORE the "size chart" above!!

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